The COVID-19 pandemic has made a few things clear to many of us business owners. Our businesses need to be able to quickly and easily communicate to clients. We also need to be able to have digital experiences and transactions available to these clients, if possible based on the industry.  We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know that we are here to help should you need this ability.

Since the stay at home orders were rolled out, we have been helping small businesses adjust their business models to quickly respond to the current realty that commerce is not the same as it once was a few weeks ago. We have been working with farms, organizations and small businesses to get them online quickly. Some had out of date websites that they found hard to update or in some cases, no website at all. We’ve helped businesses quickly launch online stores to allow for online shopping experiences and sales. The team Blue Spark Creative which included everything from web developers to graphic designers to content developers have been focused on making sure that we do everything we can to support the local businesses in order to make sure our community emerges from this health and economic crisis.

If you believe you may need any of these services, we would love to discuss. Please feel free to give us a call or get in touch through the form below we can jump on the phone and discuss your business needs and goals, at absolutely no cost and no obligation.

Let us Help You Get Online Today We are working with a variety of industries to get business transactions and information moved online. Let us help you do the same.

Dirty Girl Farm Website

We worked with Dirty Girl Farm, a goat farm and micro creamery, to develop their website and much more.

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Delaware & Ulster Railroad Website

Blue Spark Creative Services was hired to produce a brand new custom Word Press site for the Delaware & Ulster Railroad.

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Blue Spark Creative Services works with various organizations to build a website to help businesses promote themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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SaJobe Farms Online Store

Blue Spark Creative Services created the online store for this Catskills farm to sell direct to consumers and wholesalers.

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