We had the great pleasure of working with the newly formed Stamford New York Business Alliance on their website.

The Stamford New York Business Alliance was formed in 2019 with the goal of advocating for the member businesses and institutions of the Stamford, New York area. Their goal is to promote and support local business activity, community health and to ensure the region’s overall prosperity by inviting visitors and area residents to experience Stamford.

The site we built has to do a number of things including speak to potential visitors who may want to enjoy outdoor recreation,  shop, stay, eat and drink in Stamford. The site is also the single gathering place for information on all the member organizations that are working to bring a whole new energy and spirit to the Stamford area.

We collaborated with the organization to determine the content that would live on the site and built the site to be clean and timeless, following the simple but classic black and white logo that the organization provided us as their identity. The site was also created so that the organization could easily take over the updating and maintaining of the site after a simple tutorial which we held with them on Zoom.

Wishing the Stamford New York Business Alliance the best of luck in bringing a whole new awareness to the Stamford, New York area.